Buyers: The opportunity offered to you

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales provides Buyers with the opportunity to purchase increased volumes of diamonds from a greater number of sources. We ensure this will occur more frequently, efficiently and at a transparent, market determined price.

  • Demand management: Once registered and polished requirements are recorded and matched to incoming rough shipments, you are invited to view all incoming rough and bid for goods that meet your specific demand. This drives accuracy and saves time.
  • Equal opportunities: The eMarket ensures that you have the same fair and equal opportunity to access goods as anyone else, increasing your current level of access to goods in the market.
  • Regular supply: The dynamic characteristic of the eAuction or eTender solution means that you can bid on either single or multiple shipments for a fixed period. This allows you to secure regular supplies, when available from Producers.
  • Price and market data: Transaction transparency provides you with direct access to price and market data, allowing you to make more informed pricing decisions.
  • Confidentiality: Trans Atlantic Gem Sales ensures that Buyer confidentiality is maintained at all times.

For buyers seeking access to rough diamonds through Trans Atlantic Gem Sales, kindly familiarize yourself with our registration requirements and register here. Should you require more information or have any further queries please contact us

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