Who We Are

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS) provides an online solution for rough diamond sales, through a network of sales offices in Antwerp, Cape Town and Dubai. Our aim is to deliver the most effective, efficient and transparent sales and distribution model for rough diamonds. We accomplish this through a specialist team of highly experienced professionals from rough diamond industry and e-commerce backgrounds, utilising a unique blend of skills in rough diamond sales, diamond handling, systems integration and on-line negotiation expertise.

Our Objective

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales will provide partner diamond producers with an independent online sales and marketing platform with viewing facilities and sales offices in Antwerp, Dubai and Cape Town. This operating model delivers transparent, effective and dynamic rough diamond sales to a large international client base with the option of an eTender or eAuction. Our specialised team provides an extensive knowledge of clients, market demand and management, a high standard of operational excellence and detailed analysis and data reports after each eTender or eAuction. Trans Atlantic aims to combat inherent industry problems experienced by producers such as lack of transparency with existing sales strategies and pricing, buyer participation and pricing transparency and control. We also propose to give buyers an equal opportunity to gain access to a constant supply of product and complete pricing transparency which creates trust. The Trans Atlantic marketplace will provide the partner diamond producer with greater control over what goods are sold depending on the current market status, when goods are sold by taking advantage of selling hot spots and to whom the goods are sold. Trans Atlantic Gem Sales provides access to real-time pricing information and system data, a global sales presence and access to the Dubai (DMCC) Diamond Sales facility through our exclusivity agreement. This methodology optimises sales and distribution by marketing the right goods to the strongest markets at the correct times and to the best buyers.

The TAGS e-Market Explained

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales' eMarket is a feature-rich state-of-the-art software platform accessible online. It enables the partner diamond producer to present their production to the worldwide market, while enabling Buyers to compete and bid against each other in online negotiations. This provides the partner diamond producer with complete transparency, capturing every bid and any customer interaction in a digital audit trail, in conjunction with real time price discovery and detailed business information. The Rough Diamond eMarket place delivers benefits to all stakeholders. For Producers it delivers a market-based price while granting them direct access to the end customer, improves relationships and decision making, increases confidence and optimises distribution. For Buyers it increases confidence and grants them equal and regular access to production. For Shareholders, Governments and Banks it provides greater visibility of performance and transparency of pricing. Trans Atlantic Gem Sales has a 6 step process lasting 2-3 weeks, depending on cross market viewings.

Why Trans Atlantic Gem Sales?

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales incorporates a smooth transition to an on-line sales and distribution model, providing a dynamic sales capability and access to Dubai (DMCC) sales channel through our exclusivity agreement. We act independently to ensure a fair, consistent and reputable e-Market with constantly evolving technology, sales and distribution processes. The Trans Atlantic Gem Sales team is highly experienced with proven capabilities in the diamond industry, successful technology and operations. Trans Atlantic Gem Sales has approximately 900 Buyers, who are registered, confident and active on our eMarket platform. We liaise closely with our Clients to understand their buying preferences and have ongoing discussions with the client base. Before being exposed to our eMarket, most buyers were sceptical and felt that auctions or tenders could be open to manipulation, resulting in less equity for them through higher prices. However, recent client surveys have revealed that the Trans Atlantic Gem Sales eMarket platform provides Buyers with greater access to production, assists in cash flow planning by presenting on-screen total bid liability, is transparent and trustworthy and is exceptionally professional and user friendly. Trans Atlantic Gem Sales comprises a vastly experienced and highly professional team of committed people, which preserve a strong ethos and reputation for customer service. Our data driven demand matching processes and professional reporting aids our Clients with more accurate decision making. We also offer eAuction or eTender strategies for differing markets. We continually invest in the market-leading cloud-based Trans Atlantic Gem Sales eMarket platform to ensure enhanced performance and introduction of new features for Buyers and Supplier Management.

e-Negotiations & Propositions for Partner Diamond Producers

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales gives the partner diamond producer the option to utilise our eMarket platform with live access available from anywhere at any time. We re-skin the platform to use the partner diamond producer’s brand and offer support in the selection of the most appropriate sales format based on the level of demand and expected participation. Trans Atlantic Gem Sales will assist in communicating and implementing the rules under which bidders will engage and conduct the online negotiation, resulting in a dynamic eAuction or eTender designed to maximise the market price for the partner diamond producer. To assist in the sales and marketing, Trans Atlantic Gem Sales offers different event types such as an Open English Auction featuring dynamic bid status feedback, a Tender or a hybrid of a Tender and Auction. The opening and closing times of an auction sales event can be at any time of day. The entry level can be variable, compared against the Start or Reserve Price or a minimum entry bid level can be implemented. Trans Atlantic Gem Sales can benefit the partner diamond producer by offering them access to the Platform with its proven capabilities and services. We ensure price optimisation, real-time price discovery and business intelligence data, fairness and improved client relationships and Buyer and Seller confidence. Trans Atlantic Gem Sales provides access to Dubai’s Diamond Exchange (DMCC) facilities through our exclusivity agreement. This can be done at a competitive price with zero capital investment, (unless re-branding is requested). Trans Atlantic Gem Sales can assist the Partner Diamond Producer by meeting many objectives. We can maximise short-term prices, increase product exposure through use of pre-eminent sales centres and increase overall long-term value and profitability of the production footprint. We also provide pricing transparency, increase stakeholder or investor visibility and remain customer focused. The costs and commercials are variable and are based on the level of support that is needed.

Management Team

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales' core team is comprised of highly experienced industry specialists principally from De Beers and Independent Rough Diamond Trading in South Africa with years of experience in software development and business system integration.

Anthony Peter Owner
Mike Aggett Chief Executive Officer
Bob McKendrick Chief Operating Officer
Talia Norvall Operations Manager
Ali Gillani Manager - Dubai Office

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